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Software as a Service (SaaS) is based on a simple model that allows the delivery of an application via a subscription model over the Internet. In the SaaS model, the customer does not take ownership of the software but rather 'subscribes' to a comprehensive solution that is delivered remotely over the Internet. No infrastructure investments, no maintenance costs!

Key criteria that define a robust SaaS application:

  • Scalability: The application architecture should be able to scale up to the rising business demands by simply adding or removing servers, without the need to alter the application software architecture.
  • Configurability: The application should be configurable, to ensure ease of maintenance.
  • Security:The application should have adequate provision for data security, authentication, and authorization for each customer.
  • Multi-tenancy: A single instance of the application should be able to support multiple tenants concurrently.

SaaS @ SMR Technologies :

With our in-depth expertise of working with software product companies, SMR Technologies now has a range of best practices and solution accelerators on SaaS to bring all these under a single roof. SMR Technologies has team of skilled architects and engineers who are experts at SaaS implementation, development, deployment and maintenance. SMR Technologies drives its capability buildup and alliances around SaaS, and delivers solution accelerators for quick, low-risk SaaS adoption

Our Highlights include:

  • Solution accelerators for risk-free adoption: SMR Technologies leverages reference architecture patterns that address various aspects of the SaaS model - including tenancy models, tenant isolation and partitioning, metadata management, monetization, scalability and availability.
  • World-class alliances with technology partners: Having forged strong alliances with leading technology partners such as Microsoft, IBM, etc. SMR Technologies brings world-class technologies at your doorstep.
  • Rapid development, leveraging SMR Technologies Quantified service: SMR Technologies has established capabilities in Software as a Service(SaaS) and Open Source as well as extensive experience of building applications on the common PaaS (Platform as a Service)

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We found SMR Technologies to be very responsive to our requirements. The team deployed with us worked hard to meet our objectives and deliverables. SMR Technologies was flexible in accommodating our varied need for technical skillsets.

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